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Scientific Bulletin

Mukachevo State University


Collected Works

Issue 2 (4) 2015

Part 1




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Scientific Bulletin Mukachevo State University.

Series «Economy»

Issue 2 (4) 2015

Part 1


Collection of scientific papers

Founded in 2014

The collection is included in the list of professional publications in the field of economics

(Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №1279 of 06.11.2014)

From 2015 collection is presented at 3 international scientometric databases, repositories and scientific systems.

Recommended for publication byAcademic Council of Mukachevo State University,Minutes № 12 of 29.04. 2015



Maximova V.F., Doctor of Economics, professor

Schuryk M.V., Doctor of Economics, professor


Editorial address: 89600, Transcarpathian region, Mukachevo, Uzhgorodska St, 26,

Mukachevo State University,

Editorial Scientific Bulletin of MSU,

Tel. (03131) 02-11-09,

e-mail: nvemsu@gmail.com

All rights reserved. Reprints and translations are permitted only with the consent of the author and publisher. Editors do not always agree with the opinion of the author and are not responsible for factual mistakes.

Editor in Chief

Chernychko Tatiana Volodymyrivna – Doctor of Economics, professor (Ukraine)

Deputy Editor

Proskura Volodymyr Fedorovych – Doctor of Economics, professor (Ukraine)

Executive Secretary

Ihnatyshyn Maria Vasylivna – Candidate of Economic sciences, associate professor (Ukraine)

Editorial board:

Burkyns’kyi Borys Volodymyrovych – Doctor of Economics, professor (Ukraine)

Hoblyk Volodymyr Vasyl’ovych – Doctor of Economics, associate professor (Ukraine)

Danylenko Anatoliy Ivanovych – Doctor of Economics, professor (Ukraine)

Denins Andris – Doctor of Economix, professor (Latvia)

Ishchuk Svitlana Oleksiivna – Doctor of Economics, professor (Ukraine)

Lendyel Mykhaylo Andriyovych – Doctor of Economics, professor (Ukraine)

Miklovda Vasyl’ Petrovych – Doctor of Economics, professor (Ukraine)

Mikula Nadiya Anatoliivna – Doctor of Economics, professor (Ukraine)

Milashovska Olga Ivanivna – Doctor of Economics, professor (Ukraine)

Papp Vasyl’ Vasyl’ovych – Doctor of Economics, professor (Ukraine)

Pityulych Mykhaylo Ivanovych – Doctor of Economics, professor (Ukraine)

Saksonova Svitlana – Doctor of Economix, Professor (Latvia)

Stuhlik Joanna – Doctor of Economix, professor (Poland)

Tovkanets Anna – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor (Ukraine)

Scherban Tetiana Dmytrivna – Doctor of Psychology, professor (Ukraine)

Dzhekabson Sandra – PhD, associate professor (Latvia)

Resler Maryna Vasylivna – Doctor of Economix, associate professor (Ukraine)

Rovt Alex – Candidate of Economic sciences. (USA)


Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series «Economics»: Coll. of Scien. papers. / Ed. col.: Chernychko T.V. (Ch. Ed.) and others. – Mukachevo: Ed. MSU, 2015. – Issue 2 (4). Part 1 – 276 p.

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