Terms of publications


  1. Article should be structured in accordance with the “Requirements for articles” submitted to the Scientific Journal of Mukachevo State University. Series “Economics”.
  1. The article is submitted to the Editorial Office to the electronic mail address: nvemsu@gmail.com. All communications with the Editorial Staff are carried out through this address.
  1. The Editorial Board preserves the right to carry out editorial proof-reading of the article.
  1. Publication of articles is carried out on the chargeable basis according to the “Treaty of publication”. Authors pay for pre-publication preparation of the manuscript and copying of articles based on the rate of 40 UAH for one page of A4 format (210×297 mm). top, bottom and left margins – 3 cm, right – 2 cm, width justification, indention 1.0 cm(400). Words are printed without hyphenation. All non text objects should be designed with the help of the built-in resources of Microsoft Word (objects should be grouped), formulae – by Editor Equation. Illustrations in the article should be submitted as files in TIFF, JPG, PCX (with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi) or on separate sheets. Recommended font size for objects containing text and tables is Times New Roman font, font size 10.
  1. The article, list of references, annotations, keywords and information about authors should be in the same file. Only the article and the reference list are included into payment for the publication. Volume of the article and the list of references should be minimum 6 pages maximum – 12 pages.
  1. The author receives one (1) author’s copy of the journal (1 copy of the journal for 1 article). Additional copies of the journal can be purchased on request (specify at the end of the article or send order by e-mail).
  1. If there is one author of the article, who has no academic degree, a scanned copy in a graphical format of the review of the scientific adviser, certified with a signature and seal should be sent apart from the file with the article. The author of the article, who has degree of Candidate of science, should submit the review of the Doctor of science. The scanned copy of the review is submitted along with the article.
  1. There are three stages of control for each article:

– primary control for compliance with the general requirements for articles;

– check for plagiarism and citation quality;

– external scientific review in accordance with the “Regulation of the review.”

The author is informed about decision on the publication of the article. Article will be returned for revision in case of violation of the structure requirements.

  1. Editorial stuff categorically condemns manifestations of plagiarism in articles as copyright infringement and scientific ethics. If there is more than 25% of borrowed text without using the relevant links and quotation marks, the article is qualified as one that contains plagiarism. In this case the article is no longer considered, and the author has notice (a scientific adviser is also informed, if any).
  1. After the external reviewing editors makes the final decision on the possibility of publishing the article. In case of a positive decision on the publication of the article the author receives a notification by e-mail and an invoice for payment, payable by bank transfer in any bank branches.
  1. Articles are published on the first-served basis based on the date of receipt of the article by the editorial staff. Articles are admitted to the general queue only after receipt of confirmation of payment for the publication. The paid-up articles are assigned to the nearest issues.
  1. Each issue of the journal is signed for publication based on the decision of the Academic Council of Mukachevo State University. The journal with the published article is sent to authors by post or handed in the Editorial Office.