Basic principles of editorial Policy


The main principles of editorial policy are: relevance, accuracy, validity, scientific novelty, innovation in the articles. Subject of manuscripts submitted for publication must meet the research areas of scientific Journal. Articles should not have the character of open or hidden advertising (anti-advertising). Editors reserve the right to edit submitted manuscripts to ensure conformity of texts according to grammatical, spelling, stylistic norms and rules. Author(s) providing the manuscript for publication, automatically confirm(s) that the submitted manuscript for publication has been provided for the first time, is the result of own research, and any use of other individuals’ research results or information from other sources in these manuscripts are executed in accordance with the applicable requirements of Ukrainian legislation. Manuscripts are accepted for publication only if the author(s) agree(s) to open access to the articles on the Internet, through the web-site of Scientific Bulletin, resource of V.I.Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine “Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine», scientometric databases and portals of foreign scientific libraries. All manuscripts submitted for publication undergo a two-tier system of review: internal and external. Procedure for consideration of manuscripts: 1) Editors accept a manuscript for consideration only subject to compliance with the applicable structure requirements of MOS Ukraine, state and international standards, and requirements for the articles in the journal. The manuscript can be rejected or sent back for revision in case of non-compliance with the above requirements. 2) The Editors examine the manuscript. 3) The Editors send the manuscript to mandatory independent review. 4) Only after finalization of all matters concerning the content of the manuscript, it is considered accepted for publication. 5) Editorial Board shall decide on the inclusion of the manuscript to the corresponding issue of the journal and inform the author. The review of the article lasts no longer than 30 days. Submissions will not be returned and can not be published in other scientific journals. Payment for the article is carried out only after the final decision on the publication of materials. Only one author’s copy of the journal (regardless of the number of authors) is assigned for one article. Additional copies may be purchased, subject to availability of copies. Scientific Journal Editorial Board seeks to ensure that the publication was of interest not only for scientists of Ukraine but also researchers from foreign countries. Therefore, the Editorial Board encourages publications, provided by authors from other countries and groups of authors consisting of both Ukrainian and foreign scientists. To integrate research results submitted to the journal to the world science Editorial Board carries out the registration of edition in the foreign scientometric data bases. Intellectual property rights concerning the results of research submitted in the form of a manuscript to the Editorial Office belongs to the author. Editorial Scientific Journal does not accept printing materials containing offensive remarks, aggression or national, religious, racial and other discrimination, inciting ethnic and racial hatred, violate international law and current legislation. Editorial body is not responsible for the views, opinions, results and conclusions made by authors and published in Scientific Journal. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Board. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the information in the articles, the accuracy of titles, names and citations. There is the increase of cases of plagiarism (copying of someone else’s significant work without acknowledgment or attribution provision of relevant links, fraudulent research, etc.) in recent years in national and international science. Editorial body considers monitoring of ethics of provisions set out in articles one of the main aspects of its activity and review. Authors are responsible for plagiarism in provided materials. All questions and comments on the activity of the journal should be sent to the address or e-mail of the Editorial Office. If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints contact us by the e-mail